What if you were asked to drink a hot beverage from a teapot directly or you would prefer taking it in a cup. You will end up burning your mouth drinking out of the teapot directly.

You will find this stupid, thinking why would anyone want to hurt themselves deliberately.

This is exactly what you are seeing now a days where the teapot is this Corona Covid-19 Crisis and that has affected your Equity mutual funds return.

It is only a matter of time that you wait and let this heat cool down. The market will soon recover from all the falls. Moreover in equity mutual fund Space your investment is already well diversified even for the worse.

The more you react here with redeeming your investments the more you will loose.

Also it would be more rewarding for those who make SIP or invest lumpsum an amount at such levels with a time horizon of 2-3 Years.

List of Equity Mutual Funds to seek for (Top Performing Funds in their respective Categories) :-

1) Axis Bluechip Fund Direct Plan-Growth

2) Axis Focused 25 Direct Plan-Growth

3) Franklin India Feeder Franklin US Opportunities Direct Fund-Growth

4) SBI Small Cap Fund Direct - Growth

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